Monday, October 26, 2015

My first entry

Dear Reader,

I started this blog to inform you about the enormous possibilities of Sound Verbal Behavior (SVB), a new way of talking. Our old way of talking, which you are very familiar with, I call Noxious Verbal Behavior (NVB). These names refer to how we sound while we speak with each other. In SVB the listener appreciates and is attracted to the sound of the speaker, but in NVB the listener experiences the voice of the speaker as a turnoff and as energy-draining. The distinction between SVB and NVB is always made by the listener. It is the listener, who experiences the speaker either as an appetitive or as an aversive stimulus. However, the listener is not only someone else than the speaker, the listener is also the speaker-as-his-or-her-own-listener. When we listen to ourselves while we speak, we can determine if our speaking voice relaxes us and maintains our well-being or if it creates negative emotions, such as stress, anxiety, fear, anger and frustration. I hope that you will respond to these words and I invite you to verify if what I say is true. It is my intention to spread SVB to as many people as possible. Once you know about SVB, you can share it too with others and it can go around like a wildfire and change this world into a better place. There is much more to come, but I leave it here for tonight. You can also see four of my videos on Youtube if you type Sound Verbal Behavior.

Sound greetings,