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December 4, 2016

December 4, 2016 

Written by Maximus Peperkamp, M.S. Verbal Engineer

Dear Reader,

This is my twenty-eight response to “The basic emotional circuits of mammalian brains: Do animals have affective lives?” by J. Panksepp (2011). As I want the reader to be introduced to the work of this extraordinary researcher, I use big portions of his paper to illustrate why we need the distinction between Sound Verbal Behavior (SVB) and Noxious Verbal Behavior (NVB). Panksepp is not listened to by other neuroscientists and his research isn’t broadly known or taught due to how we talk. NVB impairs human progress and only SVB can enhance it. This will be my last response to his paper for now. May be later I will respond to the rest of his paper.

Are the various affects—diverse feelings of positive and negative valences (‘good’ and ‘bad’ feelings in the vernacular)—identical across species? Of course not! Evolution persistently generates abundant differences, but always on top of conserved-homologous foundational principles at genetic, neural and primal psychological levels. Natural selection is adept at constructing vast diversities of forms and functions with profound similarities in underlying controls. Within the evolved BrainMind, the potentials for variety get ever greater as one ascends the various levels of control, with perhaps the greatest species variability in neocortical specializations, most of which are developmentally/ epigenetically created, even if they exhibit very high location concordance in the neocortex (from auditory to speech cortices so to speak). Those cross-species standard patterns are probably dictated by genetic controls that promote subcortical systems to innervate the nearest cortical regions—surely an energetically efficient strategy for brain construction. There need be no intrinsic cortical specializations before such genetically specialized innervations into what is initially general-purpose “computational” space (aka, neocortex).” SVB stimulates “neocortical specializations” from “auditory to speech cortices so to speak”. SVB activates our brains. The NVB speaker cannot properly stimulate our brain.

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